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Solutions to Restore Aesthetics and Function

Your mouth should never cause you problems or discomfort on a daily basis or when performing routine actions like speaking or eating. However, if you suffer from dental problems, or you think your smile could be more attractive, there are solutions designed to help. Our team is highly experienced in offering full mouth reconstruction in Everett, MA, a comprehensive treatment process that can help bring back function and beauty to your smile. Full mouth reconstruction typically includes multiple dental procedures that all share the same goal of restoring your oral health, function, and lifestyle. If you feel your smile is damaged beyond repair, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our Everett, MA office so that we can show you that a beautiful, confident smile is within reach under our experienced care!

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“We use a variety of techniques to achieve the most ideal smile”

Kevin Guze DMD

Designed to Fit Your Needs

Full mouth reconstruction treatment is customized specifically to your needs and goals. That said, it can sometimes take weeks to months to finalize depending on your unique needs, but the end result is a healthier, more attractive smile. Trained and experienced in providing comprehensive care ranging from professional teeth whitening to full mouth dental implants, our specialized team can diagnose your concerns and provide long-term solutions you can trust. We make treatments simpler and safer with modern technology and custom sedation. Now, even patients who may be fearful of the dentist or their dental procedures can get care without worry.

Treatments Common in Full Mouth Reconstruction

Combining Dental Art and Restorative Function

Full mouth reconstruction is both an art and a science. We apply dental art when restoring your smile so that the results look natural and others will never know the difference. Your new smile will be designed to reflect your personality and facial shape, so the results are truly customized to you. The science of full mouth reconstruction comes into play when we are deciding the best way to restore your mouth to proper function with the fewest treatments necessary. When we can correct an improper bite (malocclusion), most patients are able to feel a lasting sense of relief as their jaw muscles relax and daily pain is eliminated.

If a missing tooth is left untreated, it can cause bone loss and surrounding teeth to shift. When restoring your mouth with full mouth reconstruction, we take all these factors into consideration. Our practice utilizes modern materials and techniques for every treatment in order to create a proper functional foundation first before restoring the smile with cosmetic treatments to make it look its best. This process ensures that your smile not only looks beautiful and natural, but that your teeth, jaw, and mouth are functioning properly. After your full mouth reconstruction procedure is complete, you will be able to enjoy a smile free from pain and discomfort, with significant improvements to dental function, oral health, and aesthetics!

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