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Why Your Jaw Bone is Important

Tooth loss hinders your smile more than just creating an empty space or limiting what foods you can eat. Missing teeth also harm the quality of the bone in your jaw, often causing deterioration if not addressed as soon as possible. Without the stimulation from your tooth roots, the jaw bone will begin to deteriorate, losing both volume and width. This is a concern because bone resorption can lead to shifting or loose teeth, bite problems, and even an alteration to your facial appearance. Extensive bone loss can also make you unable to qualify for dental implants since there is not enough foundation to support the implant posts. To rebuild lost bone, we offer bone grafting solutions—a procedure that replaces lost bone in your jaw restoring the foundation necessary to support dental implants. We provide multiple types of bone grafting in Everett, MA to cater to your individual needs and help you get back to a healthy and normal lifestyle.

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We Specialize in Bone Grafting

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More Information On Bone Grafting

There are multiple bone grafting techniques that we use depending on the location and severity of your tooth and bone loss. Our doctors and staff have training in all types of grafting procedures, so that we can safely prepare your jaw for dental implants. With ridge augmentation, we add grafting material along the jaw ridge to restore volume and width after tooth loss. Once healed, ridge augmentation bone grafting can allow you to support a dental implant in your jaw. For those missing teeth in the upper back of the mouth, a sinus lift is often performed to add bone to the area just below the sinus membrane. This advanced procedure takes skill and precision, but allows you to replace missing teeth in this hard to reach area of the mouth.

Enjoy Your Smile Again

There is life after tooth loss thanks to the advanced procedures and techniques our Everett, MA office offers. With our specialized bone grafting techniques, we can help you enjoy the benefits of a healthy, functioning, and attractive smile again and get you qualified for dental implants! Dental implants provide a long-term solution to tooth loss and allow you to smile, speak, and eat with confidence again. Get started on living a happier, healthier life, even if you’ve had missing teeth for some time. Schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and goals with our team today!

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