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The Dental Care You Need at Your Convenience

Our goal is to make dental care an easy, routine and even fun experience for all patients regardless of age or past dental history. By properly taking care of your teeth and smile, you’ll have better overall dental experiences and be able to more easily keep your smile clean and healthy. From general dental care to specialized treatments and even restorative dentistry, our experienced team of dentists and Dr. Kevin Guze, our board-certified periodontist, are here to make your appointments convenient and of the highest quality. Each of our dentists in Everett, MA has years of experience and as a multi-doctor practice, we offer a wide range of treatments to better serve you and your loved ones.

Our Collection of Additional Services

We take pride in offering a wide range of dental treatments to the residents of Everett, MA and surrounding areas. Our comprehensive services range from dental cleanings to gum grafting and teeth whitening for cosmetic care. Our office is a one-stop location so you can receive all the treatment and care you need to maintain a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile for life!

  • Teeth Grinding/

    Dr Guze Gives a Patient General Dentistry Treatment

    We can create custom nightguards that prevent your teeth from touching and keep the jaw relaxed during sleep to minimize discomfort.

  • Composite

    composite fillings model

    In order to keep your mouth and body healthier, these are tooth-colored fillings that are safer for you than traditional amalgam fillings and blend seamlessly with your smile.

  • Bonding/

    dental resin mix used for bonding and contouring

    If a tooth has been damaged, chipped, or cracked we can use resin bonded to the tooth to return the shape, size, and strength if it.

  • Teeth

    patient receiving teeth whitening treatment

    We offer ZOOM! professional teeth whitening techniques with specialized whitening gel and light to give you a gorgeous smile in just under an hour!

  • Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique

    chao pinhole graphic

    A minimally invasive alternative to gum grafting, we offer the Pinhole Surgical Technique to gently move existing gum tissue to a healthier state and reverse gum recession.

  • Gum


    An effective treatment for gum recession that utilizes soft tissue from the mouth to cover exposed, sensitive tooth roots and enhance your smile.

  • Emergency

    patient in need of emergency dentistry

    Same-day dental care for tooth pain, chipped, cracked, or knocked-out teeth, broken restorations, and more. Don’t live with pain—call us 24/7!

  • Sports

    sport guards model

    We create custom mouthguards made for contact sports and other activities to keep the teeth protected during play. Perfect for keeping your kid’s teeth safe!

Compassionate Care from Trustworthy Dentists

Our team of skilled dentists and periodontists strive to create a judgment-free atmosphere for our patients, no matter what their dental history is. Combining our comprehensive care and whole-health approach to the state of your smile, we help each of our patients achieve and uphold great oral health and an improved quality of life. Whether you regularly visit the dentist, or you may have neglected your teeth for years, you are always welcome here!

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